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I am Zwivhuya Morgan Vhangani, a 19 years old Versatile Producer, Song writer. My Stage name is “Van Gee Beatz” which was derived through the use of my surname. I’m from Tshitungulwane (Vuwani) but I grew in Gauteng Pretoria. I fell in love with music at a very young age because my father used to play the likes of 2Pac, Bob marley, Mizo Phyll & Bomo etc. I started making music in 2015 when I was in Grade 9. I used to sort of like Rap & Write on downloaded beats(Rockitpro beats) till I met this guy called Mukutsuriwa(Emkay) ,whereby he introduced me to Fl Studio 10. I was fascinated by the way he was making beats so I asked him to teach me but he denied, his reason was “you will make the same beats as me”. I felt like he didn’t want to help me but later on I understood his statement, he then provided me with the software & a couple of drum kits + references. Throughout the whole year of 2016 I couldn’t make a proper beat and when people asked me if I make beats I would deny till around the end of the year I made my first beat with a guidance of a youtube tutorial. Later that year I met P.postman and his little brother “Kode” we did sort of like a freestyle session using my beats. From 2017 till 2018 I was making beats with my two friends “Terranova (Lebogang Mahlakwana) & Jungle oats on the beat (Otsile Swarathle)” we helped each other eventhough they were using cellphones to make beats, I learned alot from them. As I was learning how to produce I used text venda well known artists such as Kashflow, Fizzy, Mizo Phyll etc. In the winter season of 2018 I released my first song titled “Lord Knows” featuring Mac Terry and Riley Eva. Towards the end of 2018 I met Ngele Dokofala (Comzero) the founder of Grisle & NFR whereby he invited me to his apartment which features a studio inside. The first time I went there I was showcasing my beats then the second time I was going for a recording session. The same year of 2018 I heard LyeoOn (Depender Mphaphuli)’s song “One Day” I was impressed by his flows and his pen game then he released “Ndika Muroho” & “MSA” I then approached him and told him we have to work. I provided him with beats but he never used them, later that year I adviced him to release an EP (Extended Play). We worked on the EP in 2018 but the songs never got recorded due to the lack of resources. In 2019 we worked on a song called “Unconditional Love” but we never released it till we worked on “Psychoactive” which made a couple of numbers. The same year I released a Amapiano song titled “Umdanso” on the 6th of June, the song increased my fan base so quick. Again in 2019 Ngele Dokofala (Comzero) invited me to Grisle Studio whereby I made a song with the reincarnated Flomatic (Flo). Throughout 2019 we worked on the EP then on 23rd of March 2020 we decided to release our first project “Diary Of A Hustler EP” which was air-played on radio stations like “Vhembe FM”, “Nzhelele FM”. Now in 2020 I’m working on new sounds with artists such as LyeoOn, Mickey Black (Phathutshedzo Mafanedza/Munyadziwa) etc. Follow me on: Instagram: VanGee_Beatz Twitter: vangeebeatz Facebook: Van Gee Beatz