Daniel Adams
True Levels Records
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TrueLevelsRecording Corporation (simply known as True Levels Records) is a South African record label founded in October 2014 by Mphumeleli Zimba and Cwenga Mbombela (BlackPatch) . Over its first 2 years of operation,True Levels Records earned a reputation as one of the most important Cofimvaba recording labels, specializing in jazz , R&B , Hip Hop , Spaza and soul recordings by African musicians including Keherman Black , King OT , Pitbull K-9 , Rocky Dae Dae, Chief Laner Cy , RAB Gang, Tyler Tog , Steve Highmore and more. ASKfm : @truelevelsrecords Soundcloud : truelevelsrecords Website : www.truelevelsrecords.wix,com/truemusic Gang Affiliation : True Levels Records